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Teeth Whitening

Our whitening products are the perfect balance of whitening power without causing too much sensitivity.

The most popular choice for whitening teeth is in office whitening treatment. It offers our highest level of white with immediate results. We normally see the teeth whiten between three and five shades during this treatment. The in office whitening system is safe and effective. We place a chemically activated gel on your teeth for one hour while your relax in the comfort of our office. The gel breaks up stains and removes minor discoloration. Our system is unique in that it does not use a hot light which can cause sensitivity. Thus, this makes our process very pleasant!

At Preston Smiles, dental procedures are performed in our clean, modern dental office where patients enjoy amenities including: flat screen televisions, blankets, neck pillows and a beverage station with a coffee Bar. We also offer Aroma Harmony in our treatment rooms. Our inviting, relaxing atmosphere will make you look and feel great after your visit with us in Dallas.

If you prefer a take home method of whitening, we can make take-home teeth whitening gel trays for you. The take home gel is a less concentrated version of the in office system. With these trays you will normally wear them for 1 hour each day for 4-5 days or until the desired results are achieved.

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